This programme produces motivational expressions and statements of commitments from individuals who are helping EjT realise its mission, vision, and objectives. This programme seeks to ignite the passion of everyone to commit their services and resources to help EjT Document, Digitalise, and Disseminate  Ejagham Traditional Practices and Cultural Expressions.

1) Engr. Chris Anom is the President and Founder of EjT. He is a professional Marine Engineer and an active member of the Global Energy Community of practice. He is a proud family man and a Fellow of many professional bodies.

Message: The Ejagham identity we have today is a product of the ingenuity of Ejagham forbears. Sadly, Ejagham heritage is currently endangered and it is our collective responsibility to protect, promote, and preserve it.



2) Seseku (Iyamba) Hon. Agbornduku Eret PhD volunteers as EjT Vice President, Ejagham Cameroon. He is renown poet and an indescribable Ejagham heritage enthusiast. He is a retired administrator, former Parliamentarian in the Cameroons and a devout Ejagham tradition custodian. 

Message: “Because of the dying of Ejagham tradition in Nigeria and in the Cameroons, the need to reawaken the Ejagham people towards this negative trend in abandoning the work our forefathers had done.”


3) Dr. Nsagha Osaji volunteers as EjT Vice President, Qua Ejagham. She is a Recreation and Sport Tourism specialist. She lectures at the University of Calabar and is a member of many professional bodies. 

Message: Ejagham language is highly endangered and future Ejagham descents may loose this unique identity. This cannot be allowed to happen. Thus, Nsagha Osaji is giving her all to ensure EjT reverses this ugly trend.


4) Barr. Francis Anom is a Notary Public of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He Serves as the General Counsel of EjT. He is a member of many professional bodies and a passionate Ejagham heritage enthusiast. 

Message: Ejagham is an international heritage that is yet to receive the recognition it deserves. Therefore, it beckons on us all to disseminate this heritage to the global audience.


5) D. C. Ekup-Nse volunteers as the Secretary and External Relations Executive of EjT. He is a trained History Educator, Political Scientist, digital content creator, and researcher. 

Message: As an integral part of the great Bantu Revolution, Ejagham created a civilisation with many renown independent inventions such the Nsibidi communication system, Mgbe, Ekpa and many others.  


6) Nta Ben Ntui volunteers as the Contracts & Procurement Executive of EjT. He is a Printing Art specialist, digital designer, businessman, and motivational speaker. 

Message: There is so much to entertain and educate in Ejagham traditional practices and cultural expressions. That the world needs to tap into this, is the conviction that Ben Ntui possesses.


7) Dr. Val Ntui volunteers as the Vice President, Ejagham Akamkpa. He is a professional Philosopher of Education, researcher, and lecturer at the Cross River State University of Technology. He is a proud family man and a member of many professional organisations.

Message: Nothing is too small to invest in the movement that EjT has initiated. Here, Dr. Val Ntui calls on everyone to commit their resources to preserve, update, and promote Ejagham heritage. 


This is a special programme of Ejagham Tradition. It deals with periodic quality conversation exchanges by people knowledgeable on aspects of Ejagham Traditional Practices (ETP) and Ejagham Cultural Expressions (ECE). Here is the critical dialogue point on all Ejagham matters. Ekubi EjT is the world’s best platform where both Ejagham and none Ejagham intellectuals and sages converge to discuss Ejagham and Ejagham’s relations with the wider world.

A Conversation with Sesseku (Iyamba) Hon. Agbornduku Eret PhD, Vice President EjT (Ejagham Cameroon). 

Focus: The Rebirth of Ejagham Heritage through EjT

A Conversation with Engr. Chris Anom, President and Founder, EjT. 

Focus: What, How, and Why EjT?

The theme of this conversation is “Silo Relationships and its Impacts on the Ejagham Heritage.” Panelists engaged on the Causes, Manifestations, Impacts, and Elixir to the prevailing silo relationships across the Ejagham nation. 


  1. Prof. (Mrs.) Alice Eta Asim
  2. Prof. Rowland Ndoma-Egba
  3. Dr. Lawrence Obah Mgbangson
  4. Sesseikou (Iyamba) Hon. Agbornduku Eret PhD


By silo relationships, we mean the poor intergroup relations between Ejagham Clusters and peoples. You can easily forecast and swiftly agree with the experiences that have informed our choice of this theme once you take a cursory glance at your immediate Ejagham community, clan, and cluster, let alone the entire Ejagham nation cutting across Nigeria and the Cameroons. we are however confident that you shall contribute greatly to our search for therapy, and at once vaccination, to immunise Ejagham people against all factors that give rise to and sustain silo relationships in Ejagham.

 For us at EjT, enough is enough! A united, globally recognised, peaceful, collaborative, and indivisible Ejagham nation beyond international boundaries is what we are working towards.

This programme produces motivational expressions and statements of commitments from individuals who are helping EjT realise its mission, vision, and objectives. This programme seeks to ignite the passion of everyone to commit their services and resources to help EjT Document, Digitalise, and Disseminate  Ejagham Traditional Practices and Cultural Expressions.

This is an EjT Programme that profiles specific achievements and legacies of Ejagham People. This programme is designed to produce documentary memoirs of both living and Ejagham ancestors, with certain esteemed individual and collective achievements, legacies, and community service to their immediate communities and beyond. It shall focus on outstanding Ejagham Tradition custodians; professionals in the private sector, civil and public service; diplomats; business moguls and entrepreneurs; inventors and innovators; religious; craft; sports; intellectuals; technology, knowledg of nature and the universe among others.  

There cannot be a denial of the great lacunae that exist in public awareness of the great things that Ejagham people have done, and are doing. While Ejagham people have never, before now, taken the lead in telling their individual stories to a global audience, a more critical inquiry reveals a deliberate attempt in some quarters to attenuate – if not to outright deny – the role of Ejagham actors when serious local and national commentaries are composed. On the other hand, some great achievements and legacies of Ejagham people lie behind due historical lenses, thereby risking the longevity and efficacy of necessary pieces of evidence to tell Ejagham inspiring stories. In the end, as it is now, very few stories about Ejagham great achievers exist to inform the world about the ingenuity of Ejagham, nor inspire young Ejagham to aspire to achieve even more. This prevailing situation calls for a more constructive elixir. Thus, the essence of this programme.   

Based on the foregoing, EjT Media has designed this programme that shall be managed by its research unit, which is a special group of talented historians, journalists, and ICT experts.  

To produce documentary memoirs of great Ejagham people alive and transitioned.

  1. To address the overall lack of awareness of the great feats Ejagham people have attained, and continue to attain, locally, nationally, and globally. 
  2. Publicise great stories of Ejagham individuals to inspire young Ejagham people to realise their potentials with the consciousness that they are promoting their Ejagham heritage simultaneously.    
  3. Celebrate and immortalise certain Ejagham achievers as a reference for future generations. 
  4. Put into proper context the achievements and legacies of Ejagham people otherwise mis/under presented. 
  5. Highlight the individual and collective roles Ejagham people have, and continue to play to further the course of their immediate environment and beyond.